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Ruby on Rails can arguably be considered the most productive way to build web applications today and has become quite a competitor to Java and PHP. The key is to build scalable web applications that will be productive, but build them easily. At Tekforce we understand exactly how to leverage Ruby on Rails technology to achieve our clients business goals and promise a positive experience along the way.

Our Niche..

We enjoy working with CTOs and fit nicely into organizations where development is given room to breathe—moving at a rapid pace, with rapid feedback, and constant communication. Most successful web applications will loosely follow the same process:

  • Research & Planning
  • Specification or Story-Carding
  • Design or Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Content Entry
  • Maintenance & On-Going Development

and, as a consequence, we know exactly where we fit. Although we are competent in all of the above areas, we know what we are great at, and would love to help you get there.

Our Tools…

Editors & IDEs

TextMate on OS X has long been the favored Rails editor, but the classic editors are still going strong. See VIM for Rails and Emacs for Rails.

For a full-on IDE, check out RadRails, RubyMine, or 3rd Rail.

Performance monitors

Rails is blessed with multiple startups dedicated to helping you track and improve the performance of your applications: New Relic and Scout. Any high traffic Rails application should use one of these.


While Rails hosting is now common place, there's a handful of dedicated Rails hosting companies that have been around for a long time and supporting the community: Rails Machine, Joyent, Brightbox, Engine Yard, and Heroku. If you're just looking for a VPS, we recommend Rackspace (who've gracefully donated machines to run some of our infrastructure) or Linode.


We can work with your team on-site or off-site to provide the Ruby, Javascript, Web Standards, or general application development training you need.

Training & Workshops

Tekforce houses some of the most brilliant minds in the modern web application space. We know Ruby, Javascript, Web Standards, and Web Application architecture better than anyone else in the business — and we'd love to pass our knowledge on to you.

  • Ruby and Rails end-to-end
  • Javascript, DOM Scripting, AJAX
  • Web Application design principles
  • (X)HTML, CSS & Standards-based development
  • Distributed Version Control (Git)

We offer day-long courses that can help get your team up to speed with modern web application development right away. Don't worry about your starting point — we're happy to start from square one, or craft an advanced course depending on the skill-set of your team.