Looking for professional Python training? It is hard to believe, but Python is one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages used in the world today. Python is easy to learn and easy to use. Not only is Python easy to use, but it is also easily adaptable to work with other programming languages and tools.

Tekforce offers customizable hands-on instructor led on-site, online and off-site Python classes. We also offer two-day instructor led online classes to fit in most any company schedule. We have found the two-day python classes to be very popular as they facilitate better learning and comprehension, but also keep your productivity up with your IT staff.

Our Python training courses are very experience bases that combine, live instruction, demos and finally labs where you test out what you just learned. Each student receives a Python Courseware to keep and make notes in as well as a full year of email support of the items covered in the class.

Course Content

The introduction is based on a complex example that contains all important parts of a Python program. After this complex example is introduced as a whole, all parts will be explained in detail. There are exercises for each of its parts. Besides writing code, reading code written by others (in this case by the trainer) will be practiced. This is useful because foreign code reading is typically a major part of programming. You might to be forced in programming practice to continue development of existing programs or to use other libraries, which might require some understanding or even modification of there code.

The main parts of the course are:

  • Python in comparison with other languages
  • Setup of a development environment
  • Complex Example
  • Modules
  • Objects
  • Names
  • Data types
  • Flow of control
  • Name spaces
  • Functions
  • Classes
  • Sequences
  • Dictionaries
  • Text processing
  • Input / Output
  • System functions
  • All topics are supported by extensive exercises and are applied to the complex example

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