Mobile App Development

Initial Meeting

Our team meets with you need to understand your business goals and the scope and complexity of the engagement.


We help you chart your mobile app product road map by identifying the key features needed for your initial launch and optimizing a long-term plan for growing your user base. We thoroughly review and understand your requirements so we can provide you a competitive proposal which identifies the cost and time for the engagement.

Brainstorming and Freezing the Detail Requirements

Our highly experienced team members work in collaboration with you to understand your requirements, brainstorm ideas for the entire user experience and come up with the final feature set for your app.

Wire framing

Developing a wireframe, or mockup, defines the “skeleton” of the app. Our skilled UI specialists engage with you to whiteboard and mockup every screen and feature of the app. The layout, button placements, navigation, alert messages and all other details are defined in this step. We typically have one to three iterations during this phase.

Creative Design

The designers take the wireframes and turn them into mobile app designs. We utilize your input regarding color, company branding, visual elements and so forth. By the end of this phase you will know exactly how your app is going to look. Our designers create detailed Photoshop files which are used in development. Typically one to three iterations are used in this phase.

Software Design

This phase begins in parallel with the Design phase. Our software architects use the wireframes to create a detailed description of the technical behavior of the app. Decisions on caching, memory management and API performance are done in this step.


Once the creative and software designs have been completed, the development team begins their magic. Preliminary builds are delivered to get your feedback during initial and final stages of development. Our QA team ensures that all features pass a rigorous quality inspection throughout this process.

Beta Testing

When all features are implemented and internal testing is near completion, beta testing begins. Builds are provided to the client for testing by their internal team. We can arrange additional third party testing on the client’s request.

Submission to the App Store

We submit the final build for your app through your developer account to the appropriate app store.