Mission, Culture, Vision, Principles, and Philosophy

Our Mission

Our goal is to become a one-stop destination for our customers' staffing and outsourcing needs. We help our customers solve complex business and technical challenges across the business continuum. We customize our solutions to provide enhanced productivity and significant cost savings for our customers' business.

What makes Tekforce stand out in a fiercely competitive industry?

  • We provide integrated, full lifecycle services across a broad range of business and technical platforms.
  • No single company can duplicate our full range of staffing and permanent recruiting services nationwide.
  • Proven track record of attracting and retaining exceedingly skilled professional workers in a highly competitive market.

Our Culture

“Commitment to the highest Quality and Ethical Standards”
“Relationships built on honesty, integrity and performance”

Tekforce's culture is extremely important for our growth and success. The core of our culture consists of a commitment to the highest quality and ethical standards. Our core values include: honesty, integrity, innovation, exceptional achievement, and reliability.

We believe these core values make us successful in a highly competitive environment. tekforce's Management has embraced these core values and uses them in daily interactions with Customers, Consultants, and Staff Members. This has enabled us to:

  • Build strong relationships with Fortune 500 customers.
  • Gain employees’ and staff members’ trust and confidence. Approximately 50% of our employees are from referrals by other employees. We recognize and understand our greatest asset is our highly skilled and professional consultants. We have created a work environment which fosters career development, stability, and personal growth. As a result, our customers work with a knowledgeable and stable consulting staff that they can depend on to operate more productively and to improve profitability, top-line growth, customer service, and cost management.

Our Vision

To be a preeminent provider of innovative business solutions, leveraging key technologies to improve our customers’ competitiveness, growth, and profitability.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We are committed to our customers’ success. Our strength comes from listening to our customers, studying their challenges, and sharing their vision. Out of this working partnership, we develop the most mission-specific solution possible.
  • We develop people according to their needs and goals. Our success is driven by understanding the career goals of our team members and providing them with meaningful career opportunities and professional development. Within tekforce, our consultants focus on specific industries and technologies. They can hone their skills in areas such as strategic planning, project management, design, application development, quality assurance, and customer support. As a part of our ongoing commitment to them, we offer our employees an opportunity to formally train across a number of disciplines.
  • Our Business Philosophy
  • Committed to the Highest Quality and Ethical Standards?
  • Provide Reliable and Prompt Service
  • Focus on Long-Term Relationships
  • Develop Employees
  • Cultivate Diversity
  • This affiliation enables our customers to derive increased value from engaging in business with tekforce. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business objectives. Developing these long-term business partnerships has become the mainstay of how we conduct our affairs.