Java J2EE Training Duration: 2 Months

Get on the employment track quickly with our most popular Java J2EE Training. Its a 2 months comprehensive Java J2EE hands on training program that has been successfully running for more than 3 years and produced many graduates that have been successfuly employed in the Bay area.

Java is an Object Oriented, Platform Independent, Distributed and Robust programming language that provides the facility of developing console applications, windows applications, web applications, mobile applications and web services. The purpose of this course is to train the students in Java j2EE Programming.


J2EE is yet another acronym in the world of computing. This one stands for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. J2EE is used to develop enterprise web based applications. J2EE has 3 components likely Servlets, JSP (Java Server Page) and EJB (Enterprise Java Beans). The J2EE applications are more secured by implementing all those components listed above.(Since it is N-tier Architecture).
Advance J2EE

It is mainly based on WEB2.0 Application. WEB2.0 has two major streams. One is ATTRACTION and another is INTERACTION. For providing the attraction we can include flash, illustrator and so on. J2EE is concentrating on improving the customer interaction. This can be achieved by implementing,
  • AJAX technique
  • STRUTS Web Framework
  • JSF (Java Server Faces)
  • HIBERNATE (Object to Relational Mapping-ORM tool)
  • XML support for all the frameworks.

Prerequisite:- Basic knowledge of any programming language and familiarity with OOPS concepts are prerequisite for this course.